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I would dare to say that all businesses and companies should have a professional website that allows them to display their products and services on the Internet. Even professionals who want to stand out in their job sector should consider it too.

We already know the phrase: “If you are not on the Internet, you do not exist”, and yes, in these times that is the case and that is why below I will share 6 reasons why I consider that every person, business and company would benefit from have a presence on the internet through a website (and it is not worth just having a presence on social networks).

And if you are wondering why you need a website if you are not a business, just someone that likes to write blogs or share photos online, then I still thinking that even if you are not a business YOU SHOULD HAVE A WEBSITE TOO, because you can reach millions of people and make money in different ways.

Let me teach you in this blog post the benefits of having a website and why you need a website too.

Why you need a website and why it’s important to have a website today



To achieve credibility and that your potential clients trust you through your website, keep in mind:

  • That your website is professionally designed.
  • Have your own domain, for example, Avoid having a domain www. company name. website. com or
  • Provide information about your services, what you include and what you don’t, and do so clearly and precisely.
    It is very important that your website has security validation such as the SSL certificate. This is the one that allows your URL (domain) to appear as HTTPS: // (⬅️ with the S at the end) instead of HTTP: //… (do you see that it does not have the S?) This generates trust because your users will know that they are entering a secure web and more if you are e-commerce.
  • Make contact information visible and if they do contact you, respond as soon as possible. Tip: Any email service has the option to create Auto Responses. Use them.
  • Include testimonials or reviews from satisfied customers. Social proof is very important to build trust in your future customers.
  • Yes or yes create Corporate emails (your name @, that is, do not use your personal email from Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo! Even if you already have a website with your own domain but you do not have a corporate email, it will not help your credibility or that of your company.


Having a website is having someone who works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in your business. Your customers can access your information and buy from you at any time without having the barrier of schedules.


Do you sell products or services that can benefit many people anywhere in the world? Your website is your best tool so that people, no matter where they are, find you and you can reach more markets. How great to know that you can help and work with anyone who is in another country and without leaving your office.


It does not matter if you sell products or services, the fact that you already have a website gives you the showcase for many to see what you offer and if you add a good marketing strategy to that you will surely increase your sales. If you have a physical store, keep in mind that the use of cell phones is increasingly wide, and not only will they look for your website there, but they will also look for the address of your physical store on Google Maps and those are Customers who you won’t want to lose.


If you have a digital marketing strategy, it is your website where these strategies arrive and go. For example, Your objective is to increase the sales of your service and for this, you have already defined that you will use your Facebook page and Facebook Ads to promote yourself.

If you use Facebook Ads, and you do not have a web page that those potential clients reach to see more detailed information about your service, know who you are, etc. Is the strategy going to work for you? How are you going to capture the data of those interested parties who may not buy your service now, but will later? Social networks do not allow you to have such valuable information.

If you base your business solely on social networks, keep in mind that the user data they have is not yours and does not belong to you. They can change their terms of use at any time and you can be affected by that.

I ask you this: If Facebook were to close tomorrow, could your business continue or not? Would you keep in contact with your customers or would you lose that information?
If you have your own website, you have total control over it and it is you who sets the rules.


Remember that your website is the showcase of your business in the digital world. All your potential clients will arrive there and if you have your website optimized to capture that data, you are already generating one of the greatest assets that any business or company has.

Forget the famous phrase: “I want to sell to Everyone.” Not! Not that way.

Segment. Once you have your database segmented, you can reach that customer with a more personalized message and you will achieve more and better sales.

Loyalty. If your client believes in your product or service, he becomes another seller of your company or business. It is easier to sell to a Customer who has already purchased from you than to sell to a new one. In addition, it is very likely that that loyal customer will buy from you again and again.

There is no reason for your website to become a very expensive business card. The potential that your company can achieve thanks to a website created to sell is enormous and without the need for a very high budget.

Your website is also an Asset of your company and therefore, it should generate money for you. Your website is an investment and not an expense, but it depends on you, that you advise yourself and make an effort so that your website generates sales and is not another expense of your company.

Let me know if this blog post has helped you to make a decision regarding having or not a website. If you need a web designer, please visit my portfolio and my web design services. I would be glad to help you with the design of your website!

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