How to attract customers with your website

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Wondering how to attract customers? It is disappointing I Know. I have experimented with that situation before. There’s nothing worse than having a website that only helps obtain information about our business but nothing more.

I call this type of website Informational Web because it only shows information about our business to the visitor but does not invite them to do anything, or to contact us, or to ask for a quote, much less buy from us.

Having a website like this is not profitable for a person who wants to have a successful digital business. So How to attract customers to your website?

1. Clear objectives

Yes, I know. I talk about this all the time, but a defined objective is the basis of a selling website because it is from these that the strategy and structure of your website will be created aimed at achieving them.

If, for example, you dedicate yourself to giving advice and you already have a website, you probably have the following objective: to increase your list of clients and get them to contact you through your website; and thus not continue depending on reaching you solely on the recommendation of your current clients.

Once you have defined your objective: increase your list of clients and get them to contact you through your website, your website will be in charge of:

  • Receive traffic that comes from other internet sources such as social networks and google searches.
  • Offer relevant information to the visitor and motivate him to leave us his data in exchange for a resource and send him more information of interest.
  • Capture the email of those visitors who are interested in the information you share on your blog and those who are interested in any of your services.
  • Provide all detailed information on services, methodology, processes, and, if you want, payments.

With the above, we are seeing the route that our visitors will take, and likewise, we must adapt that to our website.

2. Defined services

You must provide detailed information about your services, it is one of the first things you should do on your website.

If we continue with the example of Consulting through the web, it is essential that to make the visitor realize whether that service is what he is looking for, it is necessary to have defined all the information of that service in as much detail as possible.

  • Who are you talking to (remember that you are not talking to everyone, but you must talk to your ideal client)
  • What need or problem does your ideal client have and what solution do you provide with that service.
  • What are the benefits that the client will obtain by working with you?
  • How is your work process? Do you have any special methodology that is different from the others?
  • What results can the customer expect after using your services?
  • How long does it take to complete the service and to see results, etc?
  • Testimonials from people who have used your services and obtained excellent results. I will elaborate on this point later.

I recommend that you check the services page of your website and if you see that what you have there responds to everything I have listed above, you are on the right track, but if the services page of your website still does not respond to what I have listed Or if you are starting with the planning of your website, I invite you to first finish this exercise and then go to the next point.

3. Services Page

Regarding the structure within the web, there must be a general services page where the summary descriptions of all the services you offer will go and there will also be a page or landing for each service with detailed information about it.

If you only offer 1 service, then if there would be enough to have a general services page, you would only have a page or landing with a detailed description of that service.

Here is an example of a website that has a brief description of each service it offers on its services page.

4. Description landing and sale of services

The landing will be in charge of showing the client the detail of the service you are offering.

The elements that must be present in a service description and sale landing are:

  • Remove the menu, sidebars, make this page as clean as possible and without distractions.
  • A title that describes the service. Try to keep it eye-catching and appeal to a promise of value.
  • Name the pain points and the needs that your ideal client has so that they feel identified and look for a solution.
  • Describe the benefits, solutions, and results that your client will obtain with your service.
  • Brief presentation of who provides the service. Put a photo of yourself and a brief description of who you are to build trust.
  • Describe the work process you use to provide your service so your client will know in advance how they are going to work.
  • Calls to action. It is important to be guiding the client on what to do next. Inviting him and guiding him to do something like filling out a contact form, scheduling a session, etc., is what will make us achieve or not the goal set at the beginning.

5.Subscription box

It is a form whose function is to capture the data such as the name and email of the user who visits your website to exchange a gift (lead magnet) that you have created for him. This data is stored in email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp, ActiveCampaing, Mailerlite, etc.

The reason for implementing this is so that you can build your database of potential clients.

Since they are people who, having left their data, have already shown interest in your services, and through a good email marketing strategy you will prepare to turn that potential customer into a real customer.


Testimonials are very important when that potential client is going to decide whether to hire our service or not.

The structure of a good testimonial is:

  • Tell what problem the person had before hiring our service.
  • What prompted you to choose us.
  • How was the process of working with us?
  • What results did you get (if they can be figures, the better)

Those 4 questions I send to my clients and that way I get a well-structured testimonial.
Request the testimonial as soon as you have finished the service because that is when the client is happiest with you and has fresh information.

The testimonial must be accompanied by a photo or at least the logo. And remember that you must request authorization to publish it.

In case you do not have customer testimonials, you can use the comments they leave you on your Facebook page, your emails, or a chat where it is shown that they are satisfied with your service.

Yes or yes testimonials should be placed on the landing page of your services or sales pages and in all those places where you see that your client must make a decision. You can also place them on the home page or the About me page.

I hope that these tips helped you to attract customers to your website. You can visit my portfolio or contact me if you need help with your web design. 

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